About us

Our consultancy offers: 

Training and Facilitation

  • Management consulting
  • Diversity and Inclusion facilitation
  • Leadership Development
  • Organisation Development

Michelle Moses & Associates cc. (Trading as Shiftworx), was established in 1996. It operates as a virtual organisation. The size and complexity of a project drives how the appropriate skills and experience are brought together from a network of independent consultants. This facilitates our ability to tailor our offering to fit the clients’ requirements and budget.

Our Mission

To shift hearts and minds so as to facilitate and build adaptable and sustainable businesses.

Our Vision

Is to facilitate the co-creation of workplaces where people can thrive, collaborate to experience community and use their collective wisdom to enhance performance.

Our Differentiators

  • We work in equal partnership with our clients to design tailored interventions with embedded coaching, skills transfer and change management.
  • We work holistically to engage head, heart and hands that fundamentally challenge and shift how we think, feel and do business.