Case study – Strategy Consulting

Building a market segmentation and channel strategy and alignment of the sales force.

The Company:
A subsidiary of a large listed food manufacturer of well known brands in the beverage and snack categories.

Their needs:
The business was structured along product lines with no clear market segmentation aside from a basic differentiation into the retail vs. wholesale industry. What the client required was to implement a market segmentation strategy, with well defined market channels and segments that would facilitate the implementation of category management strategies and service packages that would drive more focused selling approaches.

What was delivered:
A channel management strategy with clearly defined market segments based on shopping occasions. Each segment had a defined tailored service package that addressed the service requirements including sales representative, merchandising and promotional activities. The strategy was supported by detailed market research that deepened the understanding of why and how shoppers used each of the market segments.

On the basis of the strategy, the roles of the Channel Managers were refined and the sales force (comprising 275 sales people and a small team of merchandisers) was aligned and restructured to facilitate focus on providing the appropriate levels of service to clients in both the retail and whole sale food industry.

The project included a change management work stream that focused on company wide communication and training for all the sales and marketing staff.
The market strategy and segment definition project took 3 months to complete and the development of the service package and alignment of marketing and sales structures a further 6 months.

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