Diversity and Inclusion

Fire and Diversity


Shiftworx helps to custom design and implement diversity management and awareness programmes that:


  • Facilitate opportunities for relationship building.
  • Are multidimensional to include all levels i.e. individual, group and organisation.
  • Are inclusive of all aspects of diversity or difference whilst focusing on those that separate and perpetuate social divisions.
  • Develop awareness, educate, transform and support community and nation building.
  • Encourage high levels of interaction, dialogue and reflective conversations.
  • Create understanding of difference so that people may socialize with more awareness and grace.
  • We design programmes to suit the organisational needs and blend various approaches such as intercultural, modern anti-racism work, prejudice reduction and valuing differences amongst others.

“In the rainforest, diversity brings choice, and choice brings resilience and sustainability. In business too, diversity gives a company a greater choice of tools and capacities – just what it needs to grow more efficient and effective, to get more from less.” (Kiuchi and Shireman: What we learned in the Rainforest, 2002)

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