Element of Earth

Element of EarthEARTH symbolises life force, vitality, form and growth.

We associate Earth with Leadership and Management because leaders and managers need to focus and direct their efforts at renewing and revitalizing the organisation to withstand changing times and conditions.
Much as living organisms thrive within the constraints of their system, so too are organizational leaders needing to work within tightly constrained systems requiring them to be aware of their whole ecosystem and to become “warriors of the human spirit”

At Shiftworx our intention is to work with leaders and managers to challenge their world views and to explore and discover new ways of leading that brings new life, builds resilience and creates an environment with a more human face.

Our approach to Leadership and Management

  • We hold the view that leadership is not a position, but the act of creating the conditions within which personal, social and organisational change can happen.
  • The rapidly changing environment calls for a transformative versus transactional approach to leadership and organisational leaders need to shift from working within linear, hierarchical systems to building synchronized, networked social systems where everyone is seen as a valued contributor.
  • We actively encourage paradigms of leadership that are holistic, recognizing issues of the wider world to include social, cultural and ecological issues. It is about connectivity, interdependence and sustainability underpinned by what is ethical and socially responsible. We call this ‘Eco-leadership”.
  • We hold the view that leadership is as much as what you do as who you are and focus on developing the skills and orientations that enhance the personal effectiveness of business leaders through coaching and team learning that involves dialogue and constructive feedback.
“Leadership exists when people are no longer victims of circumstances but participate in creating new circumstances. Leadership is about creating a domain in which human beings continually deepen their understanding of reality and become more capable of participating in the unfolding of the world.” (Peter Senge)