Organisational Development

Element of WaterOrganisational Development  
involves the planning and implementing of interventions or programmes that aim to increase organisational effectiveness. The multi-disciplinary approach focuses on aligning organisational behaviour, -culture and -climate to the vision and strategy. It includes organisational design , change management and team development.

Shiftworx helps you design and implement organizational development interventions that:

  • Shift you through tough issues or tough times.
  • Builds resilience and encourages sustainable change.
  • Develops shared mental frameworks that bring consistency to how individuals and teams learn together, collaborate and shift their behaviour.

Some interventions designed and conducted by Shiftworx in recent years include:

  • Building sales team effectiveness for a beverage manufacturer
  • Designing the sales team structure in the food industry (FMCG).
  • Defining and mobilizing around shared values in a Merchant bank.
  • Conducting a “war room” with the senior executive for a mining equipment manufacturer.
  • Integrating the cultures of merging companies in the financial services sector

“Organizational adaptability, innovation, and employee engagement can only thrive in a high- trust, low-fear culture.” (Gary Hamel: HBR , Feb 2009)

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