Strategic Planning

Fiery Start of the Day

Strategic Planning  involves conducting strategic conversations and formulating actionable plans for executing business strategies.

 Shiftworx helps you by facilitating interactive workshops to:

  • Fully engage all the stakeholders in co-creating, agreeing and prioritizing what needs to happen to achieve the goals.
  • Develop strategic route maps and action plans.
  • Work through challenging strategic issues.
  • The workshops are designed to fit your needs in a way that matches your organisation’s strategic thinking capability.
  • The intention is to meet the client where they are at, whilst, at the same time, challenging the status quo by asking incisive questions and conducting conversations that build strategic thinking.
“Innovation arises from ongoing circles of exchange,
where information is not just accumulated and stored, but created.
Knowledge is created from new connections that weren’t there before.”
(Margaret Wheatley: Leadership and the New Science, 1992)

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